coconut oil helps my eczema

Since being a baby, I’ve suffered with eczema. Over the years it’s flared up all over my body for a number of different reasons, including stress; excessive drinking; poor diet in general and cold weather.

Recently eczema became prevalent on my scalp. Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to moisturising after showering every day in order to stop it flaring up, but scalp eczema is much more difficult to treat. It is a different beast. Applying creams, lotions & potions to a full head of hair is at best hilarious, and at worst, extremely problematic. So, I experimented with lots of methods (stopped washing my hair for a bit :/) to treat my scalp, but to no avail!

Then I stumbled upon coconut oil… I’d been hearing lots of things about this super-power-ful oil and all its benefits (think Popeye and spinach) over the past few years, and couldn’t help but think it was yet another marketing (says me, I know) ploy to create a trend and charge 10x the price for it. Nonetheless, I was at my wits end. My scalp had become extremely dry, and the dandruff was creating a lovely Christmassy look on my shoulders.

So I quietened the cynic in me, stopped splitting hairs, and went for it.


John Travolta as Danny Zuko in Grease, 1978

Unless you’re going for a Greased lightening look (he looks cool AF tbf), I might not recommend leaving the house after applying this bad boy to your scalp. Plus, always wear a towel around your shoulders as not to ruin your favourite carpet… This stuff will begin dripping all over the place.

To my ecstatic surprise, coconut oil worked wonders for my scalp.  It felt so hydrating, and within a few uses the eczema had fully cleared up. This was a great confidence booster – I was really appreciative of the recommendation – so I thought I’d share with you guys, just in case I could help anybody else in need. And on that note, for any scalp eczema sufferers out there, I’d also recommend trying T/Gel shampoo in conjunction with coconut oil for maximum effect.

The amazing thing about coconut oil is how multi-purpose it is. It can help with your health, hair and skin, and you can also cook with it. Find some proper coconut oil uses and benefits here. In terms of picking a bottle up for yourself, you can find it for under a tenner at most major drug stores including Holland & Barrett, or I’d suggest heading to an independent health food shop which should stock it.

Disclaimer: I’d like to reiterate there are many different types of eczema and different types of sufferer; what works for me, may not for you. However I would, nonetheless, encourage you to try as many alternative treatments as possible until you find what helps you most 🙂

Thanks for checking this post out, slightly different from the norm, so I appreciate you sticking with me through it.




Feature image taken on an iPhone by Alex Pegg


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