street style: @georgelancaster

I’ve known my good friend, George, since we were 3 or 4 years old, and we’ve been through many fads and fashions together. Some of the more memorable ones include rocking a shaved head at the same time; wearing huge, baggy jeans for no apparent reason in the early noughties; and even wearing full footy kits (when we weren’t playing football).

Anyway, I’d like to think we’ve evolved somewhat (not sure) and now share a taste for classic sartorial elegance. I’m half joking.


Image taken by Callie Lancaster

What I admired first about this outfit is its layering. As you know, I love a layered look, but it’s not always easy to pull off; oftentimes people aren’t sure how to mix colour and texture. Not George. The blue & grey tones which dominate the outfit allow for the autumnal pop of colour from the mohair jumper, which adds texture and really completes the look.

I’ve talked before of my long-term struggle with trainers, but I think George has nailed the ability to pull them off. Firstly, if you’re going to wear white trainers, KEEP IT CLEAN. This is part of the reason I tend to avoid them, because there is a certain amount of upkeep required to maintain their shine. As you can see, George’s Stan Smith’s are spotless, which means they retain their cool.  Secondly (unlike our younger selves) he’s made sure his jean is just touching the top of his trainers, rather than covering them. Another great sartorial tweak George has employed is folding up his jeans bottom hem just once, as to create a distinct line between the trainers and jeans.

Finally, George has inspired me to try out a fur-lined hooded parka. His is really well-fitted, and that’s crucial in my opinion, so I’ll start my search now. It may even feature in the second edition of my top winter coats, who knows

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what to wear wednesdays

This Wednesday, I’m rocking an outfit a little different to my normal style. Over the past five years or so, I’ve always opted for shoes such as Clarks Originals or Dr Marten’showever, I’ve recently re-discovered my love for trainers. For a start, they’re SO comfortable – I’d completely forgotten the joy of commuting in trainers, many mornings now you’ll catch me bouncing down to the train station in them.

I think the main reason I’d fallen out with trainers is because I’ve always found them more difficult to style. It’s my belief that you can pair a smart-caj shoe with almost any outfit and it will work, whereas trainers needs to be much more thought out (unless it’s summer (yes, please) and you’re sporting short-shorts).

So, below is my attempt at a trainer outfit…

man at on steps wearing camouflage

Adidas Dragons are a popular trainer at the moment, which I’d commend as a safe option, if you’re trainer newbie like myself. I’ve decided to team them up with a slightly boot-cut light blue pair of jeans from Topman which have a 70’s feel to them (the decade fashion has now certainly remembered). The tee I’m wearing is one of my faves. I’ve had it a few years now so it’s becoming rough around the edges, but it is a plain black tee with the Beatles Rubber Soul album graphic printed on it. It wasn’t the easiest to track down – but I would certainly recommend it to any Beatles fan (I’m a huge one). If you’d like to know where it’s from, please comment below, and I’ll try my best to dig the website out.

Due to the relative neutrality of the rest of the outfit, I’m able to go for a stand-out piece such as this camo jacket. It only comes out my wardrobe every so often, but when it does it normally gets a couple of complements. It’s also great to layer underneath an overcoat.

Style Tip:- When wearing a stand-out print such as camouflage (fully aware of the irony), try teaming it with complementary or neutral tones in the rest of the outfit, as to avoid too much of a clash. 


Writing this post has just inspired me to take a look back on the trainers (from Nike Dunks to Superga 2750) I’ve worn over the years, and my love-hate relationship with them, so watch this space for that!

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All images taken on an iPhone by Charlotte L Owen