what to wear wednesdays

This Wednesday I’m wearing a suit. A skinny suit. A skinny, navy suit. I’ve had this suit for like four years now, and it’s made an appearance at many occasions including my graduation, a few weddings and even job interviews. This is a good reason to save for, and then invest in a decent quality suit, as you will get the value back. This particular suit is from Marks and Spencer. I would recommend M&S for the quality of their fabrics, but less so the fit, although to my knowledge they have been working on this and are offering slimmer fits for the younger market. I decided to get this suit altered at Stitches in Leeds, who are awesome at understanding and providing exactly the fit you want, in super quick time, for a v reasonable price.


I’ve teamed the suit with a soft pink polo shirt from Topman, which complement each other nicely. Obviously this gives a more casual feel to the outfit, so I’d recommend wearing it to a not-too-formal event, such as your mate’s birthday party. I’ve opted for no socks, which works okay due to the informal feel of the suit, plus the pink tones of my ankles match the polo shirt well 😉

Cheers for checking this WTWW post out! See you next week.




Other pieces worn in shoot: Dr Marten’s shoes

All images taken on an iPhone by Angela Pegg