Organic Basics: Basically Better Made

If you’re anything like me, you’ve always struggled to find sustainable, high quality basics that are designed to last… If that’s the case, let me proudly introduce you to Organic Basics.

Organic Basics does exactly what it says on the tin: his & hers basics, underwear and activewear, all made from organic materials. 

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Organic Basics’ #1 rule when making clothes is to design everything to last. So they invest in quality fabrics and workmanship, and create with simplicity and function in mind.

This mantra really comes across in their products. The two organic cotton basic tees I received from them are soft to the touch, and have washed extremely well, maintaining colour and fabric consistency. Reviews like this are commonplace on their website.

Shopping their site is as easy as it gets, with a fluid journey from homepage to checkout. There’s a useful size guide, and they provide the model’s height, and the garment size he/she is wearing in the image. Love this.


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The transparency of Organic Basics’ supply chain is shown off on their website, too. Like any good ethical brand, they provide information on where and how materials are sourced, product material breakdown, and even key statistics on their factories. For instance, garment worker working hours, and the number of holidays the workers get. This is so refreshing to see, and a fantastic benchmark for other brands to aim for!


Info. on the factory where my t-shirts were made


Discount code DISTILOB1 for 10% OFF

As always, thanks for checking this post out guys!